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Welcome Interns

Some things about us

This presentation is meant to help you accomodate with the new environment, and answer at least some of the questions you certainly have.

If you are asking yourself why it’s written in English, it’s because we keep written information in English for the sake of our clients, even when posting internal comments.

Of course, we chat on Skype in Romanian, unless a foreign person is involved.

As you read this presentation, you will notice we have many guidelines, but few rules written in stone. We don’t like rules, we like guidelines.

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

As a general guideline for pretty much everything, you can read the quote above. Whenever you are not sure of the DOes and DON’Ts, think of whether it bothers someone around you. If it doesn’t, then it’s most probably perfectly fine to do it.

The office space

Not sure how to dress? Where to sit? What to do around the office? Here are the answers to all your questions!

  • Upgrades

    Tired old mouse is dying? You need a wider screen, or a better chair? Just make a request, we prefer to buy stuff from www.emag.ro but it’s not a rule.

  • Music

    Yes, you can! What gendre? How loud? Up to you and to the people around you. If someone is bothered by it just get some headphones.

  • Fooood

    Yes, we all have to eat! It’s encouraged to use the kitchen but feel free to eat at your desk, as long as the garlic meatballs smell does not bother the others.

  • Smoking

    Smoking is ok in the yard and on the balcony on top floor (with the door closed). Please do not smoke on the kitchen balcony or anywhere inside. E-cigs are permitted everywhere as long as the others around you are not bothered.

  • Holidays

    Already thinking of a holiday? The “rule” is simple. It’s best to inform about the holiday (through a Workmeter request) twice the length of it in advance. So if you need 2 days, you would ask 4 days in advance. Exceptions for special circumstances are of course ok.

  • Teambuildings

    In almost all cases it’s ok to bring your better half, when not sure, just ask. If it’s a more expensive trip we might ask for a small amount to cover for part of her/his cost, but we usually try to “subsidize” as much as possible ourselves.

  • Licenses

    Rule written in stone. We only work with licensed software, you are responsible for the software installed on your computer.

  • Speaking of the kitchen…

    Please always wash your dishes (we have a dishwasher). When storing food (including in the refrigerator) throw it away if you don’t think you will eat it anymore.

  • Fun & games

    The Playstation in the office is not just propaganda. Feel free to take breaks as often as you want (takes the stress away) and relax with the others over a foosball game or the real deal, Fifa on PS.

  • Garbage disposal

    You noticed we use several bins. Please help us save the world, not just through coding (right..), but also by recycling. The paper bin only “eats” pieces of paper and cardboard (no tissues, or food wraps please). The plastic/metal bin is great for most of our garbage (but again, no food please). Batteries have their own vase.

  • Visits

    Generally it’s not ok to bring people from the outside, but feel free to ask for permission if you ever want to. Exceptions are of course your better half (who is always welcome), or any other first degree
    relative, especially your mum if she wants to make sure you’re not drinking up your youth in pubs.

  • Problems?

    Just say so. Ask a colleague, ask your boss, doesn’t matter, as long as you say when something is not right. If you don’t say anything, don’t expect it to be fixed. But if you do, you’ll be surprised to see you are actually listened.

  • Dressing code

    None. As long as others are not offended or bothered, dress as you like.

  • DUI

    Feel free to grab a beer if you feel like it, you might find one in the fridge on the top floor. Just don’t get drunk 🙂

  • Make yourself at home

    We have two cleaning ladies visiting us once per week (and doing a great job), but other than that nobody is cleaning up after you. So, just like home, make sure you occasionally clean your desk and surroundings.

What others say:

Guerilla warfare

We don’t believe in all-nighters, 60-hour work weeks or weekend hackathons to get a release done. We aim for stable growth, which can only come with less pressure and more calm seas.

The only times we go guerilla is when we play. For work it’s much better to keep stress away.

Except for extraordinary circumstances, we never encourage doing deploys on live on Fridays. Why stress over weekend, when we can just do the deploy on Mon morning?

Workmeter task and time management


Workmeter is our tool for managing time during work. It’s simple to use and you have a tutorial below. It helps you get organized, and it helps us keep track of hours spent on projects.

Some simple guidelines for how to use Workmeter:

Some simple guidelines for how to use Workmeter:

  • Please start tasks when starting to work, stop them when finishing or taking breaks. There are no rules for how often you can take breaks, feel free to do it as you prefer.
  • Our 8-hour work day is 7.5 hours in Workmeter. This doesn’t mean someone it watching and you hear comments if you finished your work week with a 7.3 average, but we ask you to try and keep your work hours average towards the 7.5.
  • Please choose the right company and billing project when starting a task (when not sure just ask).

Quality first, (almost) always

We like quality! This is what we want to be known for. Great service, quality work. Speed comes second. Of course, there are always (common sense) exceptions. We are not going to build a complex PHP class for doing a simple one-time cronjob. But in general we prefer to do things slower and better, rather than faster and sloppy.

A word from the boss, about Company Culture

First of all, I have to be fair and tell you we are a for-profit organization ($$$). We don’t claim to make a better world (or we do, but just as a joke), to disrupt the society, to remain in history. Even if we would be Twitter or Facebook we would still be over-zealous to claim such things. Just as most of us don’t remember much about Netscape, the future generation will have no idea what a snapchat is, or what “tweeting” means.

So, yes, you work here first and foremost for making money – for GoSocial, for yourself and for the client.

Yet, we don’t have profit targets or dreams of becoming the next unicorn either. We are happy with the team size we have already, like stable growth and don’t aim for more than having a decent profit.

What we focus on instead is great service, a nice working environment, and a stress-free job for everyone.

I also think it should not be all about work. We spend more time with our colleagues than with our family, so we are allowed to also have fun. Of course, because I’m taking you from your family, I feel like it’s your right to have them join whenever we do fun things together, be it game nights (more like evenings) or teambuildings.

I hope you’ll enjoy your time here at GoSocial!

— Radu “El Jefe”

Projects Management

As you probably noticed, besides “El Jefe” there are no bosses around. Because GoSocial has a simple structure, everyone is on the same level. We are all colleagues. So how do projects get managed? We made up our own setup, with each project being lead by someone in the team, called “project leader”.

He is not the boss of the others, nor a manager. He is doing actual work as well. He just takes the role and responsibility of communicating with the client, organizing the tasks, solving problems.

Project leaders are not “assigned”. They decide to become project leaders, and can step aside from that role at any point if they decide it’s not their thing.

Goodies & fun

Every week someone receives a budget and uses it to buy (or cook) foodstuff and/or drinks for the office. There are no rules, everyone does as he pleases. They can spend it all on one lavish lunch or buy something everyday. We have a fixed budget for the activity, both in cash and in time spent to organize it.

Of course, we also do “teambuildings”, usually once per year. We don’t really go for the corporate type of teambuildings though. Our teambuildings are more like a holiday, without mandatory activities or silly team cohesion games.

Office schedule

You’re in the corporate world right now so 9-to-5 is the answer. More or less. You can start earlier, or later, you can leave earlier or later. We just prefer people are around the office between 10 and 16. Of course, free to take lunch breaks in or outside the office. As with most other “rules”, it’s not written in stone, just a guideline.

Wage raises

Already asking yourself about when the next 6-months assessment is? Never. We don’t do wage raises based on interviews/negotiations/assessments. We just notice when your performance increases (and Workmeter helps us too, as we can see how much money you make for us) and offer you a raise. We could cheat, yes, but we’re not stupid. Why lose a great employee just from greediness?

Of course, if you think you deserve more, just say so. Knock at the door and make your point. You won’t upset anyone, and this could even lead to a raise. Or if not, you would at least be told what is missing to get there.

Training Courses

Link: Documentation

Good Practices – Communication

Link: Documentation

Good Practices – Programming

Link: Documentation

Good Practices – Vocabulary

Link: Documentation


Link: Documentation

Welcome Interns

Greetings, Interns! Allow us to present you with a timeline outlining your journey here at GoSocial Development.

Skills Assessment

The Skills Assessment is just so that we know what you already master. It’s not meant to put any pressure on you, but to give us an idea where you are knowledge wise so that we can provide you with the best resources for your


This phase is designed to ensure you have the best possible learning experience during your time with us. This phase is all about expanding your knowledge, honing your skills, and preparing you for success.

Demo Project

This phase implies creating a demo project just for you. We will replicate the real project experience for you so that you can show us what you have learned and flaunt your new skills. After this, you will be ready for the real deal.

2 weeks tasks on Live Project

You can do it! When you reach this point, we know that we can trust you to handle some real tasks. Our PMs will give you real tasks on current projects we are working on. We will be here to help you with any questions