Online services you can be proud of

At GoSocial we can help your business with everything it needs in regards to online presence, client management, payment systems and online marketing

We know your business is special. You don't follow a guidebook, hence you can't use standard tools. This is where we help. We have over 15 years of experience in helping businesses like yours. We don't tell you “this can't be done”, we find workarounds and come up with efficient solutions that allow your business to grow. Think about putting all your ideas into practice and crushing the competition!

Via social media, we have unique opportunities to target marketing, low contact rates, and create huge traffic volume. Do you therefore need to get your message out to your target audience - whether it is wide or narrow - you should consider whether or not online marketing through social media should be part of your future marketing strategy.

A sharp focus on online communication

We make sure that your product is seen, heard and understood by your target audience

Maybe you already know to communicate online - and maybe you've already made an idea on how your communication should be - but if not, we can walk you through this and show you what you should consider when focusing on online communication.

Step by step, we find the way to the best solution

At GoSocial we have a systematic approach to tasks, which in practice means we don’t just rely on our huge experience. We also think of what you really need and propose out-of-the box solutions. So you are not left alone to doing all the thinking.

For instance, you want to hit more than one segment? And want to do that in different ways? Our marketing guys can set course to more sales pages in order to improve purchasing trends for what works best.

You choose how much you want to involve yourself

At GoSocial we help – whether you simply want sparring or you want us to do all the work for you. Call us or write us an email if you would like more information – so we can have a talk about how we can help your business reach your target group in the best possible way. You will find our contact information at the bottom of the page.

The spirit

From the simple idea of a software development and social media agency

Since 15 years ago we have been providing online services to customers from all over the world. And although the journey has been long, it has been really exciting – and it’s not over yet. Over the years, we have established a large customer base and an extensive affiliate network, but we’re obviously always looking for new challenges and customers who can use a helping hand.

From top to bottom

GoSocial has been through a tremendous development over the last 15 years. The first steps were taken with small steps, in a crowded office. Space was cramped, but ambitions high, and although much has changed since, the core of our business remains the same. At that time, we learned by trial and error and therefore grew a lot of experience.

We have since grown a lot, but we still kept the enthusiasm. Now we have offices both in Switzerland and Romania, employing over 20 great people, who are all passionate about what they do. Feel free to pay us a visit, so you can meet both software engineers, graphic designers, SEO optimization experts, copywriters, optimization enthusiasts and traffic managers.

We often use our affiliate network when we advertise for our customers as a way to get out to maximum number of potential customers. Therefore, we have affiliate contacts in both Europe, Scandinavia and the US and can get your marketing into gear – wherever you want to go.

A well established player

At GoSocial we take pride in owning and developing our core competencies in the field of online services. Therefore, we keep a constant eye on social media and other online media channels to always be abreast with the latest developments.