Affiliate Program Management

Let’s send your campaign out of our network and reach a far larger audience

Many clients come to us with a very good product, an acceptable sales page or shop, a bit of experience with AdWords and often burned lots of money in a frivolous provider of search engine optimization services that promised them the moon and from the motto that “I just need to be visible in Google, then fall over traffic in and sales figures explode “.

They have spent a lot of time talking with a lot of different people, they were promised a lot, but the same consultants and agencies have rarely been able to deliver results. It is a time consuming and often frustrating process.

Sometimes clients come in contact with a less serious affiliate network that has told them that they can get them a large volume of clicks and considerably cheaper than Google, Facebook and other channels, but before they know it, they are with a large bill for a lot of worthless clicks, which largely resulted in sales.


We give you not just empty talk – we deliver results

At GoSocial we have worked in the affiliate business since 1999 and has accumulated a wealth of experience and a large affiliate network about us who we trust to get you the traffic you want.

Robin Roy Hansen, CEO and founder of GoSocial, among other things works in Scandinavia’s largest affiliate network with over 200 employees in more than 5 years. He has have been involved in all aspects and knows everything about this industry. So we know:

That works!

We have seen it all and have very good experience with the actions that draw new customers – and what you should stay away from.

We best define launcher and operate a successful affiliate program on behalf of our customers!

We’ve been in business for more than 15 years and have found the right approach to ensure that even your campaigns can come out to maximum number of people.

In the industry that can create positive results!

We have very good contact with the affiliate network in the Nordic countries, Scandinavia and Europe – indeed throughout the world. Whatever your desire, we can therefore guarantee you traffic from more than 30 different countries, so you can really get your message heard.

Since 2007 we have operated Affiliate Program Management – from major international clients to smaller Scandinavian webshops. And we help you with everything you could need. Therefore, we will help you naturally to define, develop and manage your campaigns – regardless of the marketing budget you have.


Our approach is focused, structured and explorative

Based on your company’s online strategy, we define together with you, clear targets around the following factors:

  • Estimated sales volume per time period
  • Estimated marketing cost per new lead, ordering, customer or other target achievement
  • Overall marketing budget

Then we go in depth with an analysis of:

Products or services

Sales or ordering process

Distribution channels

Facts, advantages and benefits for the customer

Direct or indirect sales methods

Affiliate networks

Audience and segmentation analysis

Objection processing

Strategic affiliates

Pricing (tiered, empirical tests, etc.)

Resale and additional sales through newsletters

Pricing and payment terms


We are not cheap, but we are all worth the money

We take care to get paid for our process, but then we work mostly on a combination of commission and hourly rates depending on the affiliate program’s scope.