Performance Marketing

GoSocial is one of the few companies that have the necessary experience and knows how to make challenges more fun. Our company will offer customers good services and we will make sure to deliver in time the ordered products.

Every day we ensure our customers a lot of traffic to sales pages, online shops and forums and provides thousands of new buyers and sales – whether our customers negotiate health and wellness, insurance, finance, telecommunications, software, gaming or gambling.

We like to work across national borders and has delivered millions of unique and relevant results to our customers in more than 30 countries.


Can we help your business reach out to the entire potential audience?



Media-buy on our risk

We purchase relevant and targeted traffic from social media, search engines, newspapers, portals and other relevant traffic channels at our own risk and expense.

We use each month millions of traffic purchases and have unique advantages in more than 20 major traffic channels in Scandinavia alone – and especially among Facebook. Our success rate is strongly together with our high quality standards for the design, text of design, and we therefore prefer to control the entire process from the design of the ad message for registration of purchases in your CRM system.

For the same reason we do not allow our affiliates or affiliate networks deliver traffic directly to your campaigns, as we hereby can not vouch if the traffic you receive is useful and conversion accomplished.


Turbocharged sales pages ensures a high conversion

At GoSocial it is our efficient and creative team who daily develops and optimizes hundreds of landing pages and sales pages. It is called conversion optimization and ensures the greatest possible benefit of the purchased traffic in terms of sales and orders.

In order to increase the conversion rate, we often develop a number of landing pages or sales pages per campaign and target marketing messages at each of these.


To secure orders for high quality

We gather regularly the orders given by one of our sales pages in GoSocial Lead Manager. Here are screened the incoming orders and customers so that we can validate them before sending them on to your CRM system. If you wish to receive the statement in another way, of course we can find a solution that perfectly fits you.

We have the opportunity to do address validation and credit check throughout Europe and rejects obviously duplicates, unwanted customers or others that you do not want in your customer database.

You follow simple orders in real-time from GoSocial Lead Manager through a web browser or iPhone application.


What is required to get a 100% performance-based agreement?

    • GoSocial handles campaign from A to Z and develop marketing and booking pages.

    • GoSocial takes all the risk.

    • GoSocial will have exclusivity on the campaign.

    • GoSocial have a campaign budget of at least 7000 EUR. Per month.

    • The product is in demand and has a large audience.

  • The product can be ordered via an order form and not a payment solution.


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