With more than

195 million

European users, Facebook is the best marketing channel.

Why not use it?


Facebook advertising

Be present in the world’s largest social media, where you can easily find and target your audience.

In Europe alone, more than 309,00,000 people are on Facebook and although it is still largely young people who dominate the social media, the older generation is trying to claim their space on the Internet. Facebook is no longer for the young, and it makes good sense to catch the audience here, where the opportunities for advertising are greatest.


Strong arguments to use Facebook as advertising tool

Our main argument for using Facebook to hit your specific target audience is naturally the opportunity to focus on segments and target communications directly by the customers who are most attractive. Through Facebook enables us to segment by both gender, age, marital status, interests, education and geography – if you want to hit a very special segment. You do not therefore need to throw thousands of advertising income out the window of marketing that does not work.


How does Facebook advertising work?

Facebook Ads show ads far right of Facebook.com. The ads consist of short headlines of up to 25 characters, banners up to 99 × 72 pixels, one body under the banner of up to 90 characters and a “Like” feature that shows which of the user’s friends who have already set that they are positive about your product.


Facebook fanside

A Facebook fan page – or Facebook Page, as it is called – is a page on Facebook, showing your business the way you would like it to be perceived. On your company’s fan page you have the opportunity to talk about your mission, vision, history or anything else you think your customers would like to know more about. But remember that Facebook is an entertainment media – and therefore it is not constructive to use social media to a grand narrative.

What do you achieve with a Facebook fan page?

Your company’s fan page is a great communication tool where you with just a few instruments can get your audience involved in your brand or your products. It can therefore be useful for when you want a clearer picture of who your audience is, what they require, and what works – and what therefore not working. 

We’ll help you with both the setup and design of your Facebook fan page and share our experience of what works and what you in the future need to avoid when you take control of your fan page.

Facebook applications

We develop and implement applications for Facebook that will fit your needs. Whether you wish sparing and development of ideas for how we engage your customers, or you already know what you want, we will help you make a fair copy, design and put your new application up so that your customers can be engaged in your fire.

We have previously helped other companies with setting up contests, surveys, virtual gifts as well as product-specific applications.

Facebook Community Management

You want to be visible on all the social media – while avoiding the hassle?

We can help you target the branding of your company across all social media – and you can choose, of course, whether it’s you or us who need to manage your social media accounts in the future. All you have to do is to consider what it is you want to communicate, who you want to communicate to, when and how often you will post.
We will of course be happy to advise.

Let our experience with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn benefit you and get your message out, where your audience is.

What can we offer?

We offer several different ways to run your Facebook campaign. Choose from CPM, CPC, CPA or subscription – depending on what you expect to get out of your campaign.
Write us today and let’s talk about your opportunities to be seen, heard and loved by your customers.

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